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Small Order Production

Small Order Production

Constant Quality Review For Small Order Production


ZK International  proudly introduces its Capability to supply garment to small clothing brands in the world, we give a minimum ordering quantity option of only 50 pcs per style. Not only that, we make sure that the Garments are 100% Reviewed for Quality using our 4 Way Quality Review Policy.

How we do it


Over the past decade, many factories have made themselves sufficient to cater big clothing brands in the world like levis, adidas and many others, but ZK INTERNATIONAL know that all these big clothing brands Started small and we are just that starting step for any Clothing Brand owner, thing of Starting his own clothing brand.

ZK INTERNATIONAL  makes those dreams a reality, where many clothing designers can create big global brands. We like to grow with our customer, we make sure that customer is provided extreme quality through constant reviewing of the products and extreme review process of specification guidelines is assured for small quantity order.

We have many success stories to share, where many clothing brands became big in their own countries using our services, and many of those left positive reviews for us, thanking for being their backbone. Some brands preferred to not disclose their manufacturing facility , but many did and they are the ones who left us review.We value the privacy of small clothing brands and do not disclose their manufacturing options publically until they want us.

We Setup small units of production within a big factory, with each unit responsible for its orders from a specific country, now distinguishing them country wise has enabled us to give country specified production and quality review to each customer.

Like in UK/Europe , the sizes are different , they look for each and everything in the garment, has high fashion sense and likes to be sophisticated and more derived towards art, so the team that looks in to production from UK/Europe Small Quantity order is Familiarized  with UK/Europe Apparel Culture. ZK INTERNATIONAL  have a research team that constantly review latest apparel trend in UK/Europe, and upgrade their manufacturing abilities accordingly.

Similarly for USA, The Sizes are respectively large, they also need extreme quality but have different kind of apparel needs, being the land of diversified people, their need for apparel production is different than that of other countries, so ZK INTERNATIONAL  has deployed special team for orders from USA, and this is the biggest Production Team of ZK INTERNATIONAL . Since 45% of its revenue comes from USA Apparel orders,

ZK INTERNATIONAL  also has a production team separately for Europe and Australia, Looking into small quantity orders as there country wise demand require. This kind of Structure has enabled us to deliver orders after Great quality review.

We have shipment assistance from DHL and Fedex allowing us to deliver the orders quickly. Delivering with correct count to every customer has enabled us to deliver orders all around the Globe.

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