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ZK INTERNATIONAL Joint Venture: Signs with Malaysia Big Import Company. " Enhance Pakistan Exports"

Mr. Rana Zohaib Khalid CEO and Yasir Zahoor CEO HY International. signs with Malaysia one of the Biggest Importer. The joint Contract between Pakistani Two Suppliers to enhance the exports in Pakistan. It will create Job opportunities and Industry will grow. Malaysia is good market to to export made in Pakistan products said by Rana Zohaib Khalid. Time to Grow small industries in Pakistan and promote Pakistan product wold wide : Yasir Zahoor

Pakistan is growing Export country in textiles and Apparel sector, Foreign Companies shows their buying interest from Pakistan Market.

Faisalabad is hub of Textiles and Apparel Industry, facilitating big Players around the globe with products like, Cotton , Fabric, Garments

Growing Export Industry will increase the work job opportunities in Faisalabad, and Close factories will be re-open

Together we Grow !

ZK International and HY International Signs Together with Malaysian Company

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