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"ZK International is Pakistan’s # 1 Company to provide Quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing by offering Low Minimum Ordering Quantity Facility, with just 50 Pcs per Style/Design."




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ZK International is Pakistan’s # 1 Company to provide Quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing by offering Low Minimum Ordering Quantity Facility, with just 50 Pcs per Style/Design.


We are providing Private Labelling, Embroidery, Printing, Sublimation and Digital Printing Facilities to our Customers. Many Customers who started their brands with us, now they have grown-up and selling Quality Products, and became a well known brand in their Country.

ZK INTERNATIONAL have the keen Capability to provide Custom Clothing to Brands, Wholesalers, Retailers, Designers by using the Pictures, Sketches and Techpacks. Our Expertise Will Guide and facilitate them “How to do that”. We provide Mapping, Designing, Labels, Tags, Barcodes along with custom packaging facilities to well-known and Start up brands.


ZK INTERNATIONAL Self-importantly Manufacture Custom Hoodies, Shirts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Bomber Jackets, Quilted Jackets, Denim, Underwear, Sports bra, Leggings,TankTops, Crop tops, Crop hoodies, SweatShirts, Shorts, Trousers, Joggers, Cargo pants, Cargo Shorts, Aprons, Kitchen Apparel, Hospital Uniforms, Bedsets, Cushions, Pillow Cases, Leather Jackets, leather Pants, Socks,Towels, with 100% Customization of your apparel. Our Expertise and Skilled Team made Custom Fittings and Styling and do further changes as per Customer Requirement. 

ZK INTERNATIONAL is fully social Complience with SEDEX | SAMETA 4 PILAR AUDIT | GOTS APPROVED | ISO 9001:2015. We believe to deliver sustainable clothing products to small brand and customers worldwide

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in Pakistan

ZK INTERNATIONAL among one of the largest Wholesale Clothing manufacturers in Pakistan, providing a one stop solution, not only facilitating custom apparel manufacturing but also with large number of wholesale quantities as well. We provide Embroidery (All kind), Printing (all-kind), Private Labelling, Custom Tags, Custom Packaging, under one roof to facilitate customer with Minimum 50 Pcs per Style/Design. We are GOTS Approved manufacturer/Supplier

ZK INTERNATIONAL Provide Custom Fabric Weave and Knit to our customer for minimum order of 500 KG. We also source fabric for customer from available stocks to facilitate them with lower cost and maximum variety. We provide Sustainable and eco Friendly Fabric and products with GOTS Certification

ZK INTERNATIONAL provides whole clothing brands an option to use customise labels for the Fashion Apparel  Brand. Dealing with HT LABEL, Fabric Label, Satin label, Ribbon label, Steel Embossed Label, Engraved Label, Cotton Fabric Label for many customers worldwide.

We provide 100% High-Quality Custom Apparel manufacturing ​under Quality Control and Quality Assurance team to check and audit at single point of Operations. This is why Customers have Blind trust on ZK INTERNATIONAL. We Deliver Quality Products to Worldwide. The ordering Process is very civilised to fit the requirements of clothing brands and deliver their Products to them. ZK INTERNATIONAL facilitate their Customers with Logistics Solutions. We provide CIF,C&F to airport and Door-to-Door Delivery.

Sedex Member

We Believe : "A Happy worker means, A Happy customer"

2017 Award

Alibaba Best Company in Pakistan 2017

2018 Trophy

Alibaba E-Trade Pioneer 2018 in Pakistan

12 Years 
Excellence Experience

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